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This is the story of a team that made history, and wrote it firsthand, with perhaps the strongest rider ever, certainly the most successful of all. 

It’s the story of a family that was not only passionate about cycling, but that at one point in its history decided to believe in it, invest in it, and launch its own food products in the Italy of the 1960s boom. 

The brand first made itself known outside Brianza and Lombardy, with an all-Italian team; then, with the arrival of Eddy Merckx, it crossed national borders, and became an icon for two-wheel lovers and more. 

It’s the intimate story of a family that has had so much from cycling, and that today, after some time, has decided to bring order to its memories and emotions thanks to Pierangela and Mario: the sons and grandsons of Ambrogio and Pietro, the two patriarchs of that adventure on two wheels.

It’s the story of one family, which is then the story of many other Italian families who made their own history, with passion, rigour, and will. The story of a team that initially - from the days of Cerato and De Rosso, not to forget Motta and Dancelli - was simply a family. Then in the seventies, with the arrival of the “Cannibal”, even that simple, genuine, and familiar team - managed by a calm and gentle man like Giorgio Albani - became universally a symbol of innovation and planning. This modern team has actively contributed to bringing cycling to a new dimension, both in terms of sporting and commercial organisation.